Booking Status / Notice to the Public


Booking status of Puerto Princesa Underground River can be found at the link below.

Bookings and other information for the Tour can be made at the Underground River Booking Office. Bookings are confirmed on a first come, first serve basis.

We regret to inform you that due to procedural requirements and technical adjustments, the implementation of the online booking system for the Puerto Princesa Underground River will be delayed and is not expected be operational until January 2013. Regular updates on its progress will be posted on a regular basis. We sincerely regret and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused as we appeal to you to please bear with us.

To conserve the Puerto Princesa Underground River in its natural state, a carrying capacity of Nine Hundred (900) Visitors a day has been set (PAMB Resolution No. 06-2012) and a “No Permit, No Entry” policy is strictly enforced. Bookings for the Tour can only be made at the Underground River Booking Office which is open daily from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Only individuals who apply in person and accredited travel and tour operators or their authorized representatives are qualified to apply and secure visitor entry permits.

Permits for the Underground River Tour are issued on a First Come, First Serve basis. All persons are advised to first secure a Visitor Entry Permit (VEP) before proceeding to the Park. Valid identification cards such as government issued id’s and passports must be presented when booking and during registration for the tour. Book early for the tour and have a fun a worry free visit.

Tours for the Underground River can be suspended and Visitor Entry Permits cancelled any day due to unfavourable meteorological conditions. In such case, the affected visitor may opt to rebook for the tour on a later date or seek a refund of amount paid for the VEP. Management shall waive all rebooking fees or refund surcharges.

To rebook for a later date, the cancelled VEP’s and corresponding official receipt must be submitted for rebooking at the Underground River Booking Office. Affected visitors are given the priority for booking on the earliest available date.


The Public is hereby warned against text messages sent to cellular phone users containing a notice allegedly from the Puerto Princesa Underground River for winning cash prizes from Electronic Raffle Draw. The Park Management formally denies any knowledge, involvement or connections to any promotional activity or any person to conduct the any similar promotional activities granting cash prizes. We encourage the public to be vigilant and not to entertain such schemes made by persons who falsely claim to represent the Park.  The Park Management shall not be responsible or liable to any loss incurred to any person as a result of transaction.

Further Information can be obtained from our Office:

Underground River Booking Office

City Coliseum
National Highway, bgy. San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (48) 434-2509/ (48) 7230904


Notice is hereby given to the public not to be mislead by pronouncements posted in the internet and other medium that going directly to the Park or staying overnight in Sabang is a guarantee for the issuance of a Visitor Entry Permit to the Underground River Tour. It is highly recommended to first secure a Visitor Entry Permit at the Underground River Booking Office before proceeding to the Park. Management shall not be responsible for any inconvenience to visitor as a result of failure to comply with any of the above requirements.

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